About SiteDash

SiteDash is a modmore project, aiming to help you do more productive things with MODX. We built it to fill a void in site management tools for MODX. It gives you an overview of all your MODX sites, the MODX version for each, as well as a variety of other system information that is useful to have available in a single dashboard.

Take control of your MODX sites, with SiteDash

What information does SiteDash collect about my sites?
See the homepage for a list, and the Terms & Privacy Policy for how we collect and deal with data.
How can you get information about my site?
You need to install our SiteDash Client extra and connect it with your account once. That gives us a special, secure, endpoint to poll for information and to execute tasks. We refresh your site information automatically every 6 hours, and analyse that data, augment it with other sources, and present you the result in the dashboard.
Does SiteDash work with local sites, sites behind a firewall, or sites that require basic authentication?
Not at the moment; your site needs to be publicly available for SiteDash to collect its information.
Where can I get help, suggest features, or report bugs?
Please use the standard modmore support channels, including email (support@modmore.com), the community forum, and @modmore on Twitter.
Is my data safe with you?
We do not share personally identifiable data with anyone, and use modern coding practices and safe defaults to limit the chance of vulnerabilities. See our Terms & Privacy Policy for details
How do I move a domain in SiteDash?
We don't currently support moving data from one domain to another, so if your site changed domains, please delete the old domain, and add a new site. Note that we do detect http->https redirects automatically.
Where do you get your list of MODX versions and extras?
We build the MODX and Extras databases ourselves, based on various sources, including GitHub, package providers, and public websites (MODX.com, modmore.com, etc). We also look at data received from sites connected to the system, and store as-of-yet unidentified extras/MODX versions in those databases, too, but leave them unlisted until they have been confirmed by "official" sources.
What future plans do you have for SiteDash?
We do have some exciting ideas, and hope you'll join us for the ride.