MODX Revolution 2.5.6-pl

MODX 2.5.6-pl was released 5 years ago on 2017-03-28.

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  • Enable Resource Group access column to be sorted [#12426]
  • Prevent warning from array_key_exists when aliasMap not available [#13297]
  • Fix broken images in File tree when media source above doc root [#13292]
  • Encode HTML in the template description to prevent potential XSS [#13290]
  • Use (but limit) setting for results per page in package management grid [#12518]
  • Added validation for min and max length of text TV configuration [#9039]
  • Allow value '0' for multi select TV items [#9492]
  • Fix "undefined" on package management breadcrumb when updating [#12567]
  • Reduce log level to INFO for links not found by modContext->makeUrl() [#13268]
  • Fix error in Firefox preventing using enter in the uberbar [#12714]
  • Fix error when deleting a file from a TV [#12417]
  • On new installs set base_help_url setting to the new docs subdomain [#13309]
  • Refresh resource tree and context grid on create and delete [#12495]
  • Only call generateContext once when saving a resource [#13347]
  • In get/setTVValue, consider numeric strings as ID instead of name [#12542]
  • Validate chmod input [#13352]
  • Prevent drag/drop of directories messing up directory structures [#13165]
  • Get rid of duplicate scrollbars in the help window [#12914]
  • Show proper error page when viewing an inaccessible symlink [#12380]
  • Avoid duplication of modLexiconEntry objects when updating context settings [#12823]
  • Fix system info's database tables tab on sqlsrv [#9854]
  • Add comment to config.core.php files that its contents are overwritten on update [#10299]
  • Fix double dots in the filename of downloaded static resources [#10267]
  • Fix duplicating resource children which are hidden from the tree [#13298]
  • Show proper error message when trying to rename a file/folder that already exists [#13256]
  • Fix missing caption when duplicating a TV via the Edit TV page [#13317]
  • Fix empty error popup when adding a usergroup to a media source without a policy [#12701]
  • Fix close button on resource overview page [#12822]
  • Hide database username, password and database name from advanced setup [#13090]
  • Fix "Cannot read property 'style' of undefined" error when resizing viewport after closing a modal [#13294]
  • Fix "o.field is undefined" error when checking a resource group [#13296]
  • Fix phpdoc for modAccessibleObject->checkPolicy [#13301]